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Chiara and Rob have been travelling around Australia for the past two years, exploring our beautiful country and cooking, diving, and spearfishing along the way. Throughout their journey, they have captured some amazing photos, including many parts of the Australian coastline.

They have compiled twelve images into a 2022 wall calendar as a fundraiser for Surf Life Saving. Chiara and Rob were inspired to donate 10% of the profits from their calendar to Surf Life Saving as a result of their personal experiences with the cause. They know how the ocean and its dangers can often be underestimated and wanted to bring greater awareness to these risks.

“We witnessed a drowning of a young boy freediving, and that episode really made an impact on how it’s important to be prepared and to have surf lifesavers close by when something goes wrong,” Chiara said.

Rob also experienced the need for surf lifesavers for a friend while out spearfishing.

“On a day with a strong current, I managed to bring him 800m around the North Bondi headland before surf lifesavers saw I was waving my hands in need of help.”

“My friend was cramping all over his body and throwing up, unable to swim. Had it have not been for the volunteers helping me to take him a further 600m to land quickly, then it might have ended up differently.”

“I was very grateful for the surf lifesavers who brought my friend back safely and quickly on the rescue watercraft. Donating further benefits the community by providing a safety net to people on the beach,” Rob said.

Since having had a personal experience with Surf Life Saving services, both Rob and Chiara have a new-found appreciation for the work surf lifesavers do on our beaches.

I absolutely felt a big respect and appreciation for all the work the surf lifesavers do around Australia. I see them now as a very important and necessary presence on the beaches,” Chiara commented.

When asked which is their favourite beach, it was difficult to narrow it down to just one. They both agreed that Bondi Beach has a special place in their heart, as it does for many Australians and visitors alike.

Chiara and Rob are a fantastic example of individuals who want to do their part to help surf lifesavers keep us safe when enjoying the coast.

Their calendar fundraiser captures their passion for the many coastal activities they enjoy, while also bringing awareness to the need for surf lifesavers to protect us at the same time. You too can use your skills and passions to help raise funds for Surf Life Saving – find out more here.

Fundraising concluded on 31st of December 2021.

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